Sheila Finkelstein, Relationship Coach

As a photographer / writer / relationship coach, I love   people and their stories.  Most important to me are relationships that work.

Currently the core of my business is Love With No Regrets: Treasure Your Life NOW – www.lovewithnoregrets.com People in loving relationships learn to Acknowledge and Treasure their love in the present so that the are Living With No Regrets.

“Yours was a Love Story of the Ages,” shared a friend, “and then he was gone.”  My late husband, Sam, and I had a rich, full, harmonious, love-filled marriage for 47 years.  After he was gone, I realized how much more we could have had.

Fortunately I was blessed to have many treasures of love that “surfaced” just when I needed them the most.  I am now on a mission for everyone in a love relationship to experience the beauty, joy and wonder of their own love for each other NOW.

Prior to marriage, of course, one of the most important relationships in my life was that with  my mother, my best friend, and the relationships I’ve had with my two sons, from pre-birth, of course, through their childhood and adult years.

It is my intention that this blog be an interactive one with visitors sharing their comments, and questions, along the way.

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